The Biggest Burgers Auckland Has To Offer – And Where To Find Them

You’ll want to put on your elasticised pants to tackle these burgers.

Best Burgers in Auckland
Best Burgers in Auckland

You won’t only find New Zealand’s tallest tower in Auckland – you’re likely to find the nation’s biggest burger too. At any of these three lauded local burger joints, you’ll get to experience a burger like no other, no matter what kind you’re craving. Crafted with care by experience local chefs, you’d best be hungry before you take a seat. Big J’s, Mount Wellington


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A local favourite takeaway haunt, Big J’s pride themselves on providing high-quality, gourmet burgers. No matter your protein preference – or even if you’re vegetarian – there is a seriously good looking burger calling your name over at Big J’s. Their extensive menu features beef burgers topped with streaky bacon, sautéed onions and smoky BBQ sauce, chicken burgers accompanied by banana and snapper patties dressed with homemade tartare. This place has proved time and time again that they’re the masters of all things burger. Burger Geek, Eden Terrace


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You wouldn’t be alone if you were to walk into this place with high expectations, given they’ve declared themselves the ultimate burg-nerds. But you certainly will not leave disappointed (or with any remaining room in your stomach). The folks at Burger Geek are obsessed with creating the perfect burger, and starting with smash-grilling combos of Waygu and Angus, seven-day cured bacon and free-range chicken, they’re already ahead of the game. Whether your burger is adorned with pico de gallo or kimchi aioli, you’re bound to be back for more. The Flaming Onion, Northcote/Auckland CBD


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Boasting a range of lamb, chicken, fish and veggie burgers that are, in many instances, almost big as your head, The Flaming Onion do not do burgers by halves. The special touch here is the herb-infused olive oil the buns are brushed with before they’re toasted to golden perfection, but the level of care shown to burger construction extends far past there. With homemade potato rosti, manuka-smoked bacon and beer-battered onion rings adorning the towering creations, you’ll leave The Flaming Onion with a new standard of burger appreciation.

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