How To Add Class To Your Next Dinner Party

Home Luxury

If you love to entertain, finding ways to make your next evening in a little bit more fancy will certainly go a long way to adding atmosphere to the evening. Ordering in or organising catering can seem impersonal and overpriced, though, but you might be interested to find out that the devil for a classy night in is in the little details and efforts you make, not just the food you serve. Going the extra mild to add personal touches is what will really stand out to your guests, so here a few ways that you can entertain with an added air of sophistication.

Add Name Cards
If you know who is going to be showing up to your party in advance, spend the time making name cards and organising a seating arrangement. Calligraphy is always a good option to wow your guests with the detail.

Spend Time Setting the Table
A great meal can really be elevated with the right table settings. Bring out your good quality china, polish up that cutlery, and make sure glasses are free of fingerprints. To go the extra step, consider a centrepiece of some sort.

Stock the Bar
Good wine will always suffice in a pinch, but to really make the night special, take it a step further and make sure your liquor cabinet or bar is well stocked and you have a few cocktail recipes in your repertoire.

Spend More on the Details
You don’t have to go all out on the entire menu, but invest in some good quality cheese and pieces for an antipasto platter to start the night out on a good note. No matter what people say, you can really taste the difference.

Give Good Notice
People really love and appreciate it when you go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable in your home, and if you’re hosting a party, you want to make sure your guests feel welcomed. Invite them to your party with a personalised invitation to make them feel truly good about being there.