Scientific Genius Or A Load of Sh**?

Scientists believe that your baby’s poo could be linked to their IQ.

Genius?,, crowd ink, crowdink

A recent study released this week has led many scientists to believe there may be correlations between the bacteria living in your child’s poo and how well he or she will perform on cognitive tests by age two. The link between bacteria and cognitive ability has not been associated with humans before, however past studies with rats have shown a similar link between gut bacteria and cognitive performance.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina, analysed the faecal samples of 89 one-year-olds and found that one year later, those with less diverse microbiomes and higher levels of the bacterial genus Bacteroides, performed better on cognitive tests. It’s unclear whether these microbial communities are the cause of the babies’ brilliance or simply a symptom of another source. Previous studies have found that the same microbial communities suggesting cognitive improvement here, have been linked to the early onset of diabetes and asthma. Although the research raises some interesting questions, the results remain far from solid.