Wine, Dine and Relax in the Mountains of Queenstown.

Queenstown, NZ
Queenstown, NZ

If you’re in Queenstown there’s an attraction that you must not miss.
Perched high up above the ground, on the cliffs edge, overlooking the picturesque Shotover River and its mountain surrounds are the Onsen Hot Pools, retreat and day spa.

This pool and spa are a Kiwi take on a Japanese bathing tradition, sit back, take in the sights and enjoy some well-earned relaxation in these cedar hot tubs or private oval tubs.

No matter the weather, a trip to the pools is sure to delight, on the snowiest of days the pools are steamy and heated, nice and warm on the days where it rains and when the weather turns around and the sun shines, the pools are cool and shady to enjoy whenever you please.

If you don’t want to be subject to the weather, simply retract the roof to differ your experience from an indoor or outdoor pool environment.

To keep you feeling fresh and revitalised, the water within the pools is changed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with fresh incoming spring water from the surrounding mountains on a constant flow. Environmentally friendly and clean.

With 60-minute sessions, sit back enjoy a complimentary drink and snacks and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Arthurs Point, Queenstown.

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