4 Cool Ways to Work Plants into Your Home Décor

Give your eyes a break from the technology clutter, and get yourself some air.

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Indoor Plants

They remove air pollutants, give us oxygen, and improve our mood. If you haven’t already incorporated plants into your home décor, move it to the top of your home improvement to-do list. There are so many proven health benefits to having little green friends living around your house, and they do wonders to brighten up your living space. We’ve found some of the coolest, easiest ways to go about it:

Plop One Down
This one’s a quick-fix for those who are short of time: find a plant, pot it, and put it wherever you like. Easier said than done, we know, and it never seems to look as good as you imagined when you move the old terracotta pot from outside into your lounge. Make sure you put some thought into whether the size of the plant will suit the room, and whether the pot suits the colour scheme. You usually can’t go wrong with a small succulent in a clean white pot as a decoration for any surface.
Here’s some inspiration for a simpler pot-sculpting project;

Let it All Hang
We’re not talking about those little baskets of flowers you used to see hanging off your grandparents’ front veranda. There have been some serious improvements in the hanging-plant scene in past years. YouTube is full of tutorials on making macramé plant-hangers, and we’ve sifted through them all to find one of the most simple yet effective;

Make a Terrarium
Surely you’ve seen the little glass bowls of sand and succulents before? You could buy a pre-made one if you’re short for time or doubt your DIY skills, but that’s not so tempting once you find out they’re often outrageously expensive. You can really get into it and make terrarium lamps, geometric shapes and fairy gardens, but we’ll start you off with the basics;

Build a Plant Wall
This is something of a larger DIY project, but it’s something you won’t regret putting in the time and effort for. If you’re not so inclined as to spend big bucks in money and time, a simple shelf with small potted plants on it makes for a great makeshift plant wall. This following tutorial for making your own plant wall is one of the simpler ones, though;