Light Up Your House With DIY Sea Shell Candles,, crowd ink, crowdink, Sea Shells (Image Source: Pinterest)
Sea Shells (Image Source: Pinterest)

 Now that Summer has finally decided to come and stay, you might be feeling like your living area needs a little upgrade to remind you that the Winter blues will no longer be a concern for the next couple of months. But, if your wallet is still feeling the pain from the Christmas holidays, you might want to stick to cheap and easy DIYs that will allow you to give your house the extra radiant and customised touch that it needs without having to rob a bank.

So head over to the beach, collect the prettiest sea shells you can find, and get working on a colourful set of candles that will make your place feel more like a spa and less like the cave you are so used to seeing every day.

Watch the video below and follow the step-by-step process of this artsy DIY home decor tutorial.

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